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tv   Headline News  RT  August 22, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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when you say no to the government. they have the ability to take everything. talks to the oh no beloved big dog called email service about why he shot his company down after it was revealed and i say leaker edward snowden used at. bradley manning's lawyer will appeal for a presidential pardon for the whistleblower who's been sentenced to thirty five years for revealing u.s. war crimes. and the u.n. calls for an investigation in syria saying those no confirmation of chemical weapons used as rebel fighters claim hundreds have been gassed on the outskirts of damascus.
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news from russia under around the world this is all she would need your national problem thanks for joining. it seems it's not only whistleblowers now being steamrolled by exposed governments but also those who somehow aided them in that task just days ago london police detained the pod now the guardian reporter who's been publishing edward snowden's revelations confiscating his computer and disks in the process while the base to email provider lavabit has gone permanently offline its own not shut down the service after it was demanded to hundred over information about its customers following revelations snowden himself had his did leveson says he doesn't want to perpetrate what he called a crime against the american people by corporation with the us government and my colleague not transit talked to him about his. if i had continued to operate i felt
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like it would have put me in a ethically compromising position. in other words the service no longer would have been what i intended it to be which was a secure and private method of communication for americans so you posted a message on line saying that you were in an impossible situation that either you would quote do you hear become complicit in crimes against the american people or walk away from a decade of your hard work what do you think you would have faced if you didn't shut down the service when you say no to the government. they have the ability to take everything they have the ability to take your business take your money and take your freedom and the really isn't all that much you can do about it. so i was looking at the very real possibility of an impossible debt and possibly being put in jail and still not being able to tell people why i was even
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in jail you wrote on the line that without congressional action or a strong judicial precedent that you would advise people users against trusting a company that has physical ties to the us why is that all of the major providers here in the us. have provided. our government with real time access to the private information of their users and they don't really have a choice about it and they don't really have the ability to tell anybody about. it so the fact is if you trust your data to a company even if they they haven't already been approached. and been required to provide access the simple fact is they could be in the future. so if it turns out that any public e-mail service could potentially become a government agent it would mean the n.s.a.
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would have almost no boundaries and that's exactly what the most recent declassified documents from a u.s. court reveal apparently the n.s.a. illegally intercepted tens of thousands of personal e-mails every year despite having nothing to do with terrorism or national security violations took place between two thousand and eight and two thousand and eleven according to the court this data gathering by later the fourth amendment of the us constitution which bans unreasonable searches and seizures these latest revelations come hot on the heels of a series of expose aides regarding the n.s.a. with most of the leagues coming from edward snowden and earlier this month barlow promised an independent and transparent probe into the conduct of the notorious surveillance agency. staying with whistleblowers bradley manning his lawyers appeal for a presidential pardon after the man responsible for a massive revelation of u.s. war crimes was sentenced to thirty five years behind bars the prosecution wanted
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manning jailed for sixty years but the judge at his court martial refused to hand down the maximum term she's going to trick her husband. bradley manning supporters who gathered at the white house this evening say he sent bruce is unjust and unfair after all many who committed murder got away with less than thirty five years bradley manning has received a prison sentence that was ten years longer than the period of time after which many of the documents you released would have been automatically can be classified bradley manning and his defense are submitting their request for a pardon the president of united states has the power to pardon him and you see many people here wearing t. shirts and carrying banners that say part in bradley in his request for the president's pardon bradley manning talked about the post nine eleven age the age of the war on terror saying in the efforts of the wrists the u.s. has that gotten its humanity but will he manage to weigh the desire of the government to make an example out of bradley manning to discourage future
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whistleblowers bradley manning also has supporters who were somewhat relieved by the sentence of piskies not going to spend the rest of his life in prison as prosecutors wanted his lawyer said in ten years bradley manning will get a chance to be released on. there's hardly any chance president obama will pardon him really especially in the current environment of the government's crackdown on whistleblowers and environment where you have the new whistleblower edward snowden someone who was not discouraged by the crackdown so the government definitely doesn't want more people following suit as far as public support is concerned bradley manning has probably gained more support in the wake of edward snowden revelations more and more people are starting to realize that the government will always be trying to sweep controversial issues on the u.s. may have never left. the rocky government granted them immunity from prosecution or something that the obama administration was trying to negotiate around the same time bradley manning leaked all those are opening files president obama would have
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not announced a review of n.s.a. surveillance programs if it weren't for edward snowden is whether or not that review is just as him. gesture is a question worth asking of course but still we wouldn't be even having those conversations if it weren't for them and the supporters of bradley manning saying what's at stake here is not just many but also the future of journalism and the public's right to be informed on the actions that their government is taking on their behalf in washington i'm going to check out. peter tonsil is one of the who's been campaigning in support of bradley manning and he says the u.s. government has declared war on whistleblowers. it is quite extraordinary that bradley manning has got thirty five years for telling the truth and exposing us war crimes lies and cover ups while the people who committed these criminal acts have walked away scot free they have never ever been prosecuted it is
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a notable fact that president obama has how often chased and prosecuted more whistle blows than even right wing republicans like richard nixon and ronald reagan that is a pretty damning indictment of president obama and his democratic administration whistleblowers are not criminals they are the canaries in the mine who warn us about danger they warn us about untruths about hidden realities that people in power don't want us to know whistleblowers are essential to them or have seen. that manning has been sentenced what ramifications well there be and do want to want to know what you think actually so simply had to r.t. dot com to take part in our ongoing poll and so far the majority of you think future whistleblowers will not be deterred by manning's fate and at roughly the
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same number of you believe the sentence will provoke a major backlash with fresh leagues or that the public outcry will be will see manning sentences reduced so many of you reckon about thirteen percent reckon the outcome of the whistleblowers court martial will stop others from blowing the whistle and our ongoing life paul is waiting for you at r.t. dot com so go there and cast your vote. live right here on the scene list first stricklin i think the term. live on our reporter's splitter live live . the u.n. security council says an investigation is needed into allegations of a deadly chemical attack in syria the position is accusing assad's forces of
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gassing hundreds of people on wednesday the negations been refuted by the syrian government for details now from our new york correspondent the deputy secretary general john allison was also on hand at the closed door security council consultations he said that there is no confirmation of the use of chemical weapons and he says that this needs to be underlined meanwhile britain's foreign minister william hague has said that the alleged attacks should be an eye opener for all those who support assad his comments leave no options open to the fact that had opposition or terrorist group who would be responsible for the alleged use of chemical weapons now may be no coincidence that the syrian opposition is making these allegations latest allegations against the syrian government just a few days after i team of u.n. inspectors arrived in damascus to examine previous suspected cases of chemical
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weapon use in the war torn country meanwhile officials from the russian foreign ministry say that reports by biased regional media unquote about the alleged chemical weapon use near damascus might be a provocation planned in advance russian foreign ministry citing its sources said that a homemade rocket carrying unidentified chemical substances may have been launched from an area controlled by the opposition now the incident reportedly took place on territory surrounding the syrian capital although the region on the outskirts of damascus is known for its opposition inclinations and has been the site of past clashes between government forces and the rebels experts say. affiliate has had a long time presence there and the area has faced sustained military pressure for months. meanwhile tensions are flying high already before the u.n.
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probe even begun the french foreign minister has threatened action should be sure that the security council failed to act while he's taken confidant says all red lines have already been crossed and biden's action is brian backus as the very timing of these allegations copy huge question mark over them completely route ludicrous that the syrian government would use chemical weapons at the very moment that the u.n. is a launching its investigation about chemical weapons and especially since the syrian government has its advantage but none of it matters what really matters is what the intention is of the white house in their or their friends in london in terms of escalating their own intervention i think the big goal of the of those who carry out this stage provocation is to disrupt any sort of negotiations that could lead to a positive outcome for the existing syrian government meaning the forces of the civil war had not succeeded in this lodging the assad government that's their plan
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because they know without western intervention without really did foreign intervention there is no possible way they can succeed on the syrian battlefield they don't have the popular support in syria and they don't have the military where with all to defeat the syrian government. meanwhile kurds have been fleeing the violence in northern syria according to the un more than thirty five thousand refugees have entered iraq since last thursday because minority has been injury have the at al qaeda like groups they draw hardest forces have been taking advantage of the ongoing civil war to try to gain control over parts of the northeast syria. this is all see and still to come in the foreground while the main goal for many in egypt's revolution was to see former president hosni mubarak behind bars as the report laser their leader could be walking free within hours our correspondent explains why in a few minutes. plus imagine having
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a job but with no idea when you work or even if you get paid at the station for a million brits employed on zero hours contracts we'll bring you more on this after the break. what defines a country's success. faceless figures of economic growth. or a factual standard of living.
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this is a party coming to you live from moscow welcome back the urge to topple egypt's former dictator hosni mubarak was the key dividing force of the twenty eleven revolution but also being sentenced to life in prison for ordering the killing of hundreds of protesters in the uprising and a successful retrial appeal that followed mubarak could be freed from jail later
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today he will however be back in court within days for further proceedings on his boucher explains how his release become possible. century the clock has been turned right back to two thousand and eleven for he started any of these trials so it's almost like he'd never been sentenced in the first place because he's already been in detention for several he is now can't keep them in there before he's actually sentenced you know with he has been in jail obviously because there been other charges against him knew of charges in regards to to corruption now that he's been acquitted of their use there's no reason to keep him hidden jailed however he still have forty eight hours left for the prosecutor to basically appeal the decision to release him if they decide that he should be released and he will remain in jail almost see you know how long they'll keep him as the trial goes forward the reaction on the streets is being wrought largely makes people here a kind of reeling from the situation in the last few days because basically when the bloodiest weeks in egypt in modern history in the fighting between mostly supporters and security forces they're starting to pull will do by that the
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funhouse mubarak could be free to the same time is it almost too much for some revolutionaries here who speaking to me have told me that what was the point of coming out of the streets two years ago what has been the point of fighting for justice and freedom and bread in the last two and a half years is the very person they started by to get is to be walking free we will see what happens as his trial is start to restart at the same time as many other leading muslim brotherhood figures will also stand trial and somewhat ironic that these two that figure is it because it basically to be facing trial the same time but largely on the streets people are pretty upset that this much hated figure could be seen to be walking home. and kyra based award winning journalist. says the situation in egypt has become so bad about prising news of mubarak's possible release has been pushed to the sidelines. you how the president the democratically elected president in jail but i do agree there is a case against him and what it's going to be released it's a kind of everything's been flipped over the news of his possible release was just
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a kind of cherry on top for everyone so much has happened so many people died that mubarak has faded into the background a little for a lot of people when you think that it's been tried for which is the death of the protesters in eighteen days and then you compare the fact that grigory number which is three died in one day you were asked we kind of puts things in perspective for a lot of egyptians. and our web t.v. was always loading of the latest stories for our website for example we've already seen russians unexpectedly and count of tongues boats and even fighter jets in their everyday lives but now day experience we well have been out by what these beachgoers sonia kaliningrad find out how they're serene sunbathing was suddenly disrupted by the ruling and over an all mood of a craft at all t. dot com. and also there for you right now as washington's drone program keeps flexing its wings over more and more countries air force commanders find themselves
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short of stars able to pile of these soaring fleet more details online. a growing army of employees in the u.k. are being left in financial limbo by a firms increasingly using the controversial employment tactic of zero hour contracts these sound reality where they stop working under these conditions means they could end up penniless despite spending every waking hour at the point of boycott explain. you have a job but you don't know when you'll work. if you'll be paid that's the reality for a million brits employed on zero hours contracts donald says admitted that it employs ninety percent of its u.k. workforce in this way stuff are expected to be ready for work in the mornings in case best summoned by their bosses they also have the right to refuse crucially though there's no guaranteed minimum set of working hours per week hence the zero
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and that's why this man in his twenty's is almost zero hours contract with a well known restaurant chain every morning he waits for the call telling him whether or not he'll have work. as it were while you're working there to be able to . make that much profit this week so actually we're going to try to do stuff as we can you guys can all be cut and we'll just do and three stuff this week is a complete and for the government has promised to investigate the controversial employment amidst concerns that leaving an increasing number of brits in financial limbo with few rights low pay and no stability. no guarantee of other jobs i wasn't making enough money to pay the rent was falling behind the number of zero hours contracts and during the recession some economists forecasts that employers will return to hiring workers on better terms when the economy recovers the trade unions
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buying it in recent months and years we have start to see a growth of say arouse particularly amongst public sector workers no longer are these small groups of workers who are employed on temporary employment now in some sights is this type of employment ship is becoming the norm macdonald sports direct dominoes and even buckingham palace zero hours employ is they've been accused of exploiting people desperate for any kind of work is part of the race to drive down the terms and conditions the pay of all working people i know fortune a big. business news in the us there in measures in the government economic crisis as an excuse to use these contracts but business representatives say that the financial crisis is forcing companies to use zero hours contracts so those people who criticize your contracts have got to recognize the impact that that would have on unemployment levels it's actually the flexibility that was offered wasn't
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available to employers i don't think it would be acting as the kind of employment stabilizer we're seeing it work out but terms of these contracts may see the bosses but many of the young people on them say that while they're on the zero hours they've got zero chance of any financial stability i think they're the wrong no i think they should so i think they should shouldn't be less extreme than they are because it was it doesn't happen that you don't have zero hours and you can sort of expect that at some point you made polyploid artsy london. russia's ministry of emergences says the flood situation in some areas of the country's far east is now slowly stabilizing still the main lorries the city of well water levels are expected to reach eight meters this weekend five thousand people have already been affected emergency workers have erected almost seventeen kilometers of temporary and by increment ten of them have bartz the floods have been described as the worst in a century with many thousands of hectares of farmland swarmed it's estimated more
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than sixty million dollars worth of damage from i had been done the high water levels were caused by having done pools in early july and i'm not expected to start receiving until next month. now some of the international news in brief for you this hour according thailand was convicted of way news of taking part in a failed bomb plot allegedly targeting israeli diplomats although tel aviv accused of terror to me says the man who were never charged with terrorism offenses were found guilty of possessing explosives among other quote counts one received a life sentence while the other fifteen. years in prison that attempt was exposed last year after an accidental blast destroyed a villa in the thai capital where the pair were staying iran denied although geishas of involvement. colombia protesters have been locating highways for a third day in various regions and looking holes with police thousands of students
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found workers and truckers took to the streets of the capital bogota to demand better working conditions high wages and free education their rallies are part of nationwide protests are they largest anti-government demonstrations in decades. started japan's crippled fukushima atomic power plant are inspecting three hundred times and it concerns highly radioactive water used for cooling systems could best scaping the alert follows a recent huge leak from one of the times the plant operator revealed hundreds of tons of contaminated water had drained out and could have reached the pacific it's seen as the most serious accident at fukushima since a massive tsunami and earthquake caused nuclear meltdowns there in march twenty seventh. broken of his campaign is in a german town have found an orthodox way to go green arguing that the port can actually be much less harmful than tobacco and alcohol they literally planted the
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seeds of an alternative opinion all around the place peta all reports now of what exactly they want to harvest. it's high time for a change in the law say activists in the university town that gets going that's seen a novel form of protest springing up is around a thousand marijuana plants were added to the leafy city this autonomous group wanted to raise awareness and to get publicity for their cause which was legalization of marianna and they just wanted people to stumble over the plants was just something that you would find on your way to worry. on your way across town despite an active program of weeding out the weed by authorities it isn't hard to find a spot where the surreptitious seeds have sprouted. in fact what we can find here is that very plant and you can find them in all sorts of random places like this one those behind the planting who call themselves
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a few autonomous flower children also held an online photo contest to gather pictures of the best birds which the police told me is very handy when it comes to tracking down the pesky plants and we first got wind of it when someone saw this online contest this is a very big and a very green city the best way for us to find them was to look for landmarks in the picture. many have passed off this stunt is a bit of student high jinks towards the end of the academic year however this could be the start of something far bigger say those in the legal profession i think that this. is an act of civil disobedience should be a starting point for a much wider discussion on legalizing all kinds of drugs are not doing it i am not . made up my mind to it but we should have this discussion supporters of the activists believe that used responsibly cannabis could be far less dangerous than
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things like alcohol and tobacco many people think that you can actually consume it responsibly. and assume as you have that a responsible approach towards consumption then it should not be a problem to legalize that supplying the drug carries a prison sentence in germany so far no one connected with the raising of this crop has faced any legal action due to the your ability of the plant meaning it can grow just about anywhere don't expect these pot pioneers to give up their campaign any time soon peter all of their arty get in germany. coming up after the break the dangerous lions a farm isn't gonna and how they owned the defiance but that might be hates us as.
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they say geo politics is a lot like a schoolyard and while obama snubbing a meeting with the president of russia to in theory punish him for the stone incident sounds kind of amateur that is the kind of stuff the girl you did when you're sixteen would do cancel date just to show you how much your feelings are hurt let's not mistake the cancelled meeting with cutting off diplomatic relations which is the total rejection of any form of discussion with another country which really isn't a bold and possibly dangerous but a call message but obama did was more like a minor annoyance he knows that he will talk to putin again in the near future i mean how are they not going to talk in the next g. eight summit what is he just going to have to hide behind merkel the whole time and hope it works out or ducked behind the shrimp cocktail whatever here's a russian accent one could argue that to appease republicans he had to do something to look strong after the stone debacle but this grandstanding just comes across as
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silly passing something like a new jackson verda commandment yeah that is how you could shows people that you're really mad even if your anger is irrational because stone pretty much did the right thing but that's just my opinion. lazy i'm going to ruin all the jobs so that i could money to buy seeds a much worse.


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